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you can also click the red underlined words, because they are links.on each scroll, you click the image of the temple to get back to the temple. further down on this scroll, you can read about the series and this virtual space.  
the mythic king minos has declared danaë and philemon his heirs. a lot of strange things happen to the two, wich take them to and beyond the borders of reality and rationality. danaë and philemon have to search permanently for the reason of these experiences.

the series was conceived by christoph stahl, who also does all of it, in 1997. his creations before "the heirs of minos" include the series "k.g.b." (1991-92) and "spaceship forrestal" (1992-1997).
the episodes of edm were put to PDFs to publish this work to a larger amount of recipients.

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