48 pages
first published in july 2000

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the branch of a special plant takes root inside of danaës body. it is supposed to watch the human world through her senses. danaë is waiting to meet the partner who had been promised to her by minos. while the plant and danaë live in symbiosis, the plant influences danaës life and ideas.

plant: "we can´t understand you humans and your needs and deeds."

eva: "but that´s not enough, danaë. men want well-groomed and pretty women. "

plant: "that´s what´s so difficult in your life; that you need a partner? "

plant: "just as i thought! the plant which is most maltreated! without thorns also! It´s good that i´m not a rose! "

danaë: "you damned plant, how could you dare to meddle? "

danaë: "if necessary i could get used to the green colour. "

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