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first published in may 1998

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danaë also ends up in minoan crete, while trying to find out, what had happened to aridela. but it´s a much later age of the minoan time. because she looks quite strange to them and is found in a furrow, she is pretended to be some kind of goddess. priestesses let danaë be taken to the town of astalí, where she is supposed to become what they are. but just as danaë has been introduced to her duties, she finds herself confronted with great dangers.

ulrich f.: "you wouldn't believe me anyway: she was aridela, daughter of sapirios and she died more than 3000 years ago."

tareana: "now that you have washed yourself: who are you? nobody is born fully grown from a furrow, wears such strange garment and has as pale skin."

danaë: "what do you want from me, priestess?"
giledna: "the great mother has sent you to help us."

meridones: "this city is ruled by a woman? i want to see that! "

danaë: "how can i only be as strong as giledna. "

minos: "so everything you look back on now, must have happened, even if it would have been just some story you told to yourself."

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