54 pages
first published in may 1997
while ulrich tries to learn about the minoan culture, he meets a girl and falls in love with her. soon thereafter, he finds himself confronted with the culture of king minos even more directly: his new girlfriend is aridela, daughter of a minoan aristocrat, who takes him with her, back to her own time.

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ulrich: "i have never seen that one before. i didn´t know there was a cave here."

minos: "you will not find the answer on the outside but on the inside. "

aridela: "but if they mean to kill us, we´ll have died in most wonderful nature. "

wialos: "for years, he has been trying to kidnap me, because i am the only one who knows, where minos originally came from, except minos himself. "

euralis: "princess aridela! hand the corpse of your husband over to me, i shall take it to the gods of the underworld. "

ulrich: "the gods of the underworld?"

aridela: " all of these are the wonders of the creation, and its only to see them that we exist. "

minos: "i also know that everyone will get the deserved penalty and you will hear about all of it one day "

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