60 pages
first published in december 2002

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in the episode, a scientist contacts philemon. she claims to know, what had happened to him, when he travelled to the minoan age. ...



philemon: "does this mean, what i lived through in the bronze age belonged to your experiment? "

anna-charlotte eté: "this is the central unit, the transformer developed by myself and glennson. it codes the memories images to waveform and copies them to a disc "

ariel: "i know pretty much everything about you and you nothing about me. i´m afraid, i´m not the one you might think i am. thus it is better for us not to come too close to each other."

ariel: "you got it. nothing that is here or happening here is what it seems to be."

philemon: "as nice as it could be a delusion stays a delusion. true life is not always nice, but bad things are also important to it. "

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