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first published in april 1999

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philemon, who had drawn the aridela-comic, is also taken to minoan crete. he is taken in by the lady of a mansion. but his arrival had been foretold in a prophecy, so someone is trying to get hold of him. philemon later becomes one of minos´s servants and is supposed to accompany them to egypt. minos has plans for philemon there, but others have them as well.

philemon: "oops. seems i have drowned and was just reborn as a baby."

aridela: "if you are a man, philemon, then fulfill your holy duty! "

philemon: "you better tell either undertakers or faith healers to come quick! "

keladon: "You are just another slave to minos. he leaves you clueless intentionally. "

philemon: "oh no! where did i end up this time? "

philemon: "but there is not any proof that civilisations existed before the diluvian. "

sesostris: "this is it, heir of minos. the hall of the first time! "

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