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design Zhi  


with Liu Juanjuan and LIan Xi
Music by Bulldozer Plasticman

This animation was done as part of the δΉ‹ zhi project created by Liu Juanjuan. It featured two parts: The 2D part was created by me in Flash and the 3D-part by Lian Xi in 3Dmax. It was shown as an in the Central Academy of Fine Arts 2011 outstanding works exhibition.


watch the 2D-scene (Flash)

watch the complete animation (tudou.com)

Screenshots (click to enlarge)  
Characters dropping from a page of chinese text   Characters flying wildly around   Characters flying wildly around (bigger)
Characters flying wildly around (even bigger)   Some of the Characters have formed a logo surrounded by lines   the logo dissolves into 3D-shapes
3D-shapes fly wildly around   the 3D-shapes explode to become Characters again    
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