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a grey cover with a yellow square and pictures of bilingual text using Chinese Characters and Latin Letters
The cover of my Thesis.

Even after living only for a short time in China, it became obvious to me, that bilingual typography with Chinese Characters (Hanzi) and Latin Letters is a big design problem.
It made me want to research about, what are the roots and important aspects of this problem and think about how it can be solved.
In my Doctorate Thesis, researched and written from 2008 to 2010, I am offering a detailed description of the problem, covering many of its aspects.
The thesis was finished in 2010 and has the title
Hanzi of the West, Letter of the East — About the combined typographic use of Hanzi and Latin Letters

    Read the Abstract (Introduction)

If you are interested in reading the complete Thesis, please contact me to ask me for a digital file, there are versions in Simplified Chinese and English

  Example pages (click to enlarge)  
a page showing western typefaces and their serif shapes This page has an image of Chinese characters compared to images    
    a page shows examples of words in latin letters in the middle of a chinese sentence   Examples of the different vertical alignment of Latin text and Chinese text
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