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Two teachers are talking in front of a projected image

I've been working as a teacher for design since 2004, when I first gave a class on webdesign at the Computer Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. That time I still had the help of a translator, but I started teaching in mandarin, as my skills got better.
I had the chance to try teaching in several other academies, such as the New Media and Art Design Department of the Communication University of China at Nanjing and the New Media Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. The subjects teached were interactive design, webdesign, brand design, book design as well as Logo/CI design.
For my Ph.D. Thesis, I mostly worked on typography, which gave me the chance to teach latin typography to students at the Central Academy of Fine Arts School of Design at Beijing, after graduating as a Ph.D. Teaching the correct use of latin typography to chinese students is also something I feel very strongly about.


Pictures from the typography class with my colleague Wu Fan
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  I am writing gothic letters by hand, while students watch   Two teacher talking in front of a wall on which Latin letters have been pinned