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design Typografie-Biografien  

169 x 210mm, 100 pages

The typografie-biografien (typography-biographies) are my theoretic graduate work. The subject was the question for fate or coincidence, the same as in my practical work, unvorhersehung. In the book I took a close look at the biographies of four famous designers of the 20th century to find out, what similarities do they have, in what they differ and in what way their social status and their biographies influenced their work. The four persons I chose were Max Bill, Jan Tschichold, Ludwig Hohlwein and Gustav Klucis.


An all-white book with red and black layered words


a white book with narrow columns of text and the photo of a fat man


The layout design was inspired by the radical minimalistic style Bill had called for, with a big margin to place images and footnotes.

Layout samples and photos (click to enlarge)  

an empty pages with two columns of text and two photos

  an empty page with two columns of text and a few footnotes    

Spread with photos

  Spread with footnotes only  



a book spread with text and two photos of people

  a book with two images of design works    
Another content page   Colour plates    
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