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design unVorhersehung  

flash-based game

unVorhersehung (unFortuneseen) is a non-linear story. That means it's actually many stories, which are all connected with each other, and all start at the same beginning. In life, we only get the chance to choose one way to go, and never learn how things would have turned out had we chosen differently.


The cover of unVorhersehung, showing many of the people that appear in it.



In unVorhersehung, this is possible. My practical graduate work is about hte question whether things that happen are fate or coincidence. This is already implied in the title, which consists of the german words Vorsehung (fate) and unvorhersehbar (unforeseen). Using more than 300 scenes, there are a lot of possibilities, of what the protagonist Hans-Peter Gauss can live through in one day

  Example scenes (click to enlarge)  
a man awakes in his bedroom   two persons talking on the phone, seen as a splitscreen   rubble is pushed away in an explosion
Every possible story begins with Hans-Peter Gauss awaking in the morning   Here, Hans-Peter is phoned by a special corruption investigator.  

This is the gas blast caused by Hans-Peter and his neighbour.

a paramedic is getting out of an ambulance car to help a man lying on the ground   an old man jumps out of a closet   a man and a woman standing in front of a computer
Paramedics are the secret heroes of unVorhersehung   Hans-Peter helps his boss uncover a scheme of the manager   Hans-Peter is revealed the secret of his existence
  Story examples (click to enlarge)  
Sexual attraction - After he lets the caretaker be unconscious from an electrical shock, Hans-Peter gets showered with solvent in the basement, causing his adored co-worker Gwendolinne Ottinger to suddenly be unusually attracted to him.    
paramedics carry out an unconscious man   a man dropping a parcel in a basement storage room   A woman and a man in an office, files are scattered across the floor
We meet again - When leaving early, Hans-Peter injures Gwendolinne with a broken door, only to meet her again in the hospital after surviving a gas blast.    
a woman has been hit by a broken door   a man is lying in front of the ruins of a house   a man and a woman in the hospital
Client visit - When he meets manager Walther Wiesel, Hans-Peter is send to make a client visit to the dairy company W. Juhn    
a man arrives, while another man is talking to the cleaning lady   a man drives in a red BMW   Two men meet in a pink office
The boyfriend - Hans-Peter finds out, that the cleaning woman Sarina Hammahdi has some entanglements with his co-worker Markus Conrad and makes acquaintance with Sarina's boyfriend.    
a man stops a woman in front of a copy machine   a woman and two man in a kitchen   a man facing a real tall guy after entering a restaurant
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