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design Hochdruck- Lettern - Plakate  
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a poster shows a motorway with a cross imprinted on top of it

  a blue screen saying OUT OF MEMORY READY   a poster with the 12 months in russian + a portrait of Lenin   a green field with an icon of people having sex and the score says 5 to 1


  "Computer"   "Oktoberrevolution"   "Sex"

100 x 70 cm

These poster originate from a quite remarkable project at Kassel School of Arts. Professor Christof Gassner, the typography teacher Michael Heckert and the head of the printing studio, Erich Schröder offered that project.
For the turn of the millenium, we did posters about the 100 words of the century as chosen by german media. One poster for each word. But for doing this, we had to use Letterpress printing. Computers, scanners or such things were not allowed. That rule led to very reduced posters which get to the point. My posters about Autobahn and Computer were made using a stencil rechnique on the letterpress machine, while the posters about sex and october revolution used stamp and woodblock techniques.

For the entire collection of posters from the project, visit this site:
Hochdruck - Lettern - Plakate (german only)