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with Sarah Winter and Jörg Batschi

The Logo and Corporate identity for the Society of the Brothers Grimm was one of the key projects during my studies. Its goal was to create a modern, clean image for that society to show that the work of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm was timeless and always modern. The keyvisual with four bars was meant to stand for books, or literacy in general and could be modified according to different requirements
The CI was used for a few media, but never fully implemented.

  The Main logo, featuring Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Basic Design for the Society

  Design for the Brothers Grimm Museum at Kassel   Logo for the Grimm Birthplace Museum at Steinau
  The CI used a colour code for the three main "brands" of the Brothers Grimm: The Brothers Grimm Society, the Brothers Grimm Museum at Kassel and the Brothers Grimm Birthplace at Steinau  
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