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A subway train stands ready at the platform   Instead of using a simple interface, the user has to navigate through the suburbs by using a virtual subway system.

Hoxity suburbs was created as an additional, more expermental supplement to hoxity. It was meant to showcase projects, that may be interresting to certain visitors, but too special for being shown on the regular hoxity. To express this experimental nature, an experimental interface was used for the navigation as well as the content pages.
Even though they was planned for adding more content, the suburbs contain only three areas which can be visited: The home of Christoph Stahl, which is like a kind of individual space, the seat of Min.Osc.Company, which shows some "making of..." material from The heirs of Minos Episode 4 and the Flash Museum, which, definitely the highlight of suburbs, shows my first two Flash websites, as well as most of my early Flash animations.

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The lobby of the Flash Museum
The Flash Museum is the heart piece of suburbs. It houses all my important early Flash-animations and is navigated through clicking on the doors in different rooms.
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