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  In "Air and Light", a plant takes over DanaĆ«'s body and creates green skin cells on her body  
Born from the Earth


The heirs of Minos (german: Die Erben des Minos) was my first comic series in an actual publishable quality. It consists of five books. In two of them, Danaë is the main character, in the two others Philemon. Both are mysteriously drawn into the past to the time of Minoan Crete, and instructed to research in dreamlike, unbelievable events. It was intended to let Danaë and Philemon meet in the fifth book and let them have all further adventures together. The first book, Aridela, served as an introduction to the cultural background of Minoan Crete.
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The one who cam out of the water

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The heirs of Minos 1:
Born from the Earth


Images from
The heirs of Minos 2:
The one who came
out of the water


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The heirs of Minos 3:
Air and Light


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The heirs of Minos 4:

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