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Hoxity V8.0, first released on 2011-7-14

Welcome to the Domain of Hoxity. Both this website and all its projects are run by me, Christoph Stahl. The website you are currently viewing, which I refer to as hoxity main can be considered my personal website. But the name "Christoph Stahl's website" would be a little boring, so I chose another name.

"Hoxity" is a combination of the coinage hox, which means something like "insane in a good way" and the word city, which is a reference to being a location within the virtual world of the Internet.

Hoxity has existed in various versions since 1999. The current version is the first version since 2002, that does not run in the flash standard. This version is done in handcrafted HTML-tables with images, and uses CSS only for the appearance of type and to define linespacing.

Below, you can see and look at some older versions of Hoxity:

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Hoxity 1 Hoxity 2
Hoxity 1 (1999)   Hoxity 2 (2000)
Hoxity 5  
Hoxity 5 (2001)    
Hoxity 6   Hoxity 7
Hoxity 6 (2002)   Hoxity 7 (2004)
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