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A spaceshp from the front  
The first teaser image for wayfarer

Wayfarer was started in 2007, and was intended to be a re-imagining of my old Spaceship Forrestal-series. All Star Trek-related content was substituted with new different content, while the characters and the self-invented parts of the Universe were kept. I took a long time to prepare the designs and characters for Wayfarer.
By 2008, the 60 pages of the first story had been drawn, but after the emergence of my papercraft work, went into production limbo. I intend to finish the existing pages within the next several years.

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Chapter 1, Page 8 Chapter 1, Page 13  
Two versions of a cover. The original 1992 Spaceship Forrestal one and its 2008 remake of wayfarer
The cover of Spaceship Forrestal Vol.I and its Wayfarer-remake
Two unfinished pages from Wayfarer


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