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Hans-Peter Gauss caught his boss making out with the secretary and has called in his superior to see
Whose side will Hans-Peter (2nd from left) take?

unVorhersehung (unFortuneseen) is a video game in the shape of a non-linear story. The story always begins with the protagonist Hans-Peter Gauss lying in bed in the morning with the alarmclock ringing. From there on, the player can decide what will happen, choosing from different options. Depending on what happens, the story, which is always one day, evolves to a different direction. When replaying the game, the player can discover more and more details about Hans-Peter and his co-workers and get to know all the different stories.

The game was done in Flash MX in 2002, as my graduate work at Kassel School of Arts, and so far is only available in german. I have recently started to work on an english version, but as unVorhersehung has over 300 scenes, the translation might take a while. For more info about unVorhersehung, check its page in the design section. (Spoiler alert)



download unVorhersehung for Windows (german)
download unVorhersehung for Mac


  Walther Wiesel and his wife Walda are sitting on the beach of a tropical Island  
Manager Walter Wiesel and his wife, exiled on a tropical island.
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