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  A fish creature and a human  

In terms of production, Spaceship Forrestal was my most successful comic series. I did 17 books with more than 20 pages each from 1992 to 1997.
Spaceship Forrestal was based on Star trek, with the ship featured in the series being an Excelsior-Class starship and many races and aspects of the Star trek-universe appearing in the stories. Toward the end, the self-created part of the universe became more and more important.

The crew in Volume 9
the crew around the middle of the series. (click to enlarge)
Extremely narrow panels with a lot of text were typical for Spaceship Forrestal. The original panels had a panel height of 6cm.
  Covers (click to enlarge)  
Volume X   Volume XIII   A new machine   Legacy
Scenes (click to enlarge)  
A man fleeing from spaceships attacking the ground   a woman and a fish creature confront a cyborg   a man is trying to attack a fire-breathing dragon
A spaceship approaching its spacedock   two spaceships rendezvous in space   several spaceships in orbit around a planet
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