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  Simiraq logo and playfield  

The work on this sandbox build-up game, that was inspired by SimCity, began long before the actual Iraq war, which really led to the Invasion of Iraq by american forces. The game was meant as an ironic statement of how the oil industry and american government would change the face of Iraq, which, at the beginning of the game, has been entirely flattened. It allows the player to build roads, and place buildings, which represent "American culture", like KFC restaurants, Marlboro posters and firearm shops, as well as installations of oil industry and military.


go to the simiraq website   (Flash Plug-in required)

A map of Iraq, is entirely flat, except for a Capitol-look-alike with flying U.S. flag.
This screenshot shows the map at the beginning of the game, being entirely empty. All the buildings can be placed.
A map thriving with buildings, warships and aircraft
In this image, a completely new landscape has been built up.
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