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  Stahlhart papercraft  
Four jet fighters are flying in formation, a yellow, red, green and blue each.
A formation of Saab Drakens

Stahlhart papercraft are papercraft models or card models, which I design myself. This has been a hobby of my childhood days, and computer technology has allowed me to do it on a professional scale. The models are mostly aircraft, designed to look close to the originals, but be easy to build. Each aircraft comes out in several versions to depict different versions of its original. All models can be downloaded for free.


go to the stahlhart papercraft website


A white jet fighter aircraft with red stripes standing on the tarmac with folded wings
F/A-18B Hornet of the U.S.Navy Test Pilot School
cut-out page for a Gloster Gladiator biplane   This image shows a typical cutout page for the models. This one is a Gloster Gladiator-Biplane
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